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About Currahee Signings

Passionate about Band of Brothers, The Pacific and History.

Currahee Signings came to life in the summer of 202o as a way to keep myself occupied during lockdown as well as being inspired by another company who did something similar by doing private signings with the cast of the Goonies. I wanted to give people the opportunity to create the ultimate signed Band of Brothers poster by getting the 'hard to get' cast members (as well as the rest of the cast they missed out on).

Once the first signing was completed, a level of trust had been gained with those who wanted an autograph and orders doubled for the next private signing and have grown ever since. More so, that one of my favourite actors on and off (with their other work) the show, reached out and asked to  have his own private signing session for Band of Brothers fans. I hope to continue growing this with more Band of Brothers actors and move into The Pacific and Masters of the Air over the coming years.

Currahee Signings has also brought many other opportunities over the last two years, with one signing session being the genesis for something I never thought I would be part of.....We Happy Few 506.

We Happy Few 506 initially reared its head very early in 202o, when myself and Matthew Leitch spoke about doing a Band of Brothers podcast for fans of the show but due to the impact of the Pandemic, it was put on hold....for the time being. The idea was raised again during Matts autograph session, where he asked about doing another but live streaming it for people but was then refined after Matt and I watching the Platoon documentary that was streaming on Amazon Prime...there became the idea for We Happy Few 506 and its online live cast reunions! I will blog more on this later.

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